Artist Statement

Penny Hall
Working with leather is unpredictable, much like our journey through life. 
Attempts to force the leather into a specific shape can take lots of time and energy producing less than desirable results. If allowed to take on its own form the result is magnificent.
Applications of identical colors and finishes react differently with each piece of leather creating delightful surprises. That is why each piece is one of a kind.
The first leather bowl was crafted after eye surgery as a therapy project to prove I was not blind. The journey through surgeries and ever changing sight brought many lessons. It was as if the leather bowls were reflections of life.
I began seeing them as containers to hold all the good and positive things in life. They represented a willingness on my part to receive blessings, and became my “blessing bowls”.
The most asked question when someone sees the leather bowls for the first time is “What can you put in them?”  Much like a basket, they hold anything that is not wet.
No matter what you choose to place in your bowl I trust you will add some of your own blessings as well.  
If we focus each day on life’s blessings it will change the way we see our world.
Penny Hall
sculpted leather artist